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Getting Started

empty studio.jpgNew to Pilates? If you are just starting out with the Pilates Method, regardless of whether you are interested in group mat classes, equipment classes, or private sessions, we highly recommend our Intro Package. However, you may also start with a Level 1 Equipment or Mat class.

The Intro Package consists of three private sessions during which you will begin to lay the foundation for the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning. Private sessions are designed to meet your specific needs as well as introduce you to the Pilates equipment. These one-on-one sessions help identify your particular strengths and weaknesses. This is especially important for anyone with injuries, chronic conditions, or who has undergone surgery. 

New to Excel? If you are not new to Pilates but new to our studio, the Intro Package is a great way to get to know us and our approach to teaching the Pilates Method. The Intro Package will set in motion a workout plan that helps you to reach your fullest potential. Our Intro Package is designed for and available to new students only and consists of three private lessons for $195 ($60 savings).

Starting with Mat Classes. Another option for beginning your Pilates education is through the Foundations or Level 1 Pilates Mat classes (or suitable level with studio permission if you are not new to Pilates). Your first Pilates Mat class is free! Please contact the studio for more information or check 'My First Pilates Mat Class’ during check out on MBO.  Pilates Mat Foundations and Level 1 Pilates Mat classes are ongoing, and you may start at anytime. Higher level mat classes are taught in 6-week sessions and require permission from a teacher.

Starting with Equipment Classes. If you are new to Pilates, you may join any Level 1 Reformer at the start of a new series.  If you would like to start after a 6-week session has already begun, then you must take the Intro Package as a prerequisite for joining a group class on the Reformer or Tower/Wall Unit in the middle of a series. This is for your safety and to help ensure that you get the most out of entering a group class on the equipment. 

You may join an in-progress multi-week session of Group Apparatus/Reformer classes and Tower/Wall unit classes after completion of the Intro Package or wait until a new session begins. 

Private appointments are made by finding a mutually convenient time between you and one of our instructors.  

As you progress in Pilates you may choose to combine our class offerings. You may choose to pursue Private/Individual instruction or a varied weekly schedule of classes and/or one-on-ones. Whatever you choose, we do recommend taking class at least once a week.

To schedule a class or a session, set up an account with our online scheduling system MindBody Online or contact the studio at 202-269-3020 or