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About Mat Classes


All Excel Pilates DC teachers are certified in The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning. Mat classes are offered at various times and days.

Pilates Mat Basics is an ongoing class, you may start at any time.

Advanced Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Mat classes are held in a 6-week series.  This means that you commit to coming to a specific class on the same day and time, 1x per week, every week for 6 weeks.  These classes require pre-registration and must meet a minimum number of participants in order to be held.  

Pre-registration is mandatory.  If the class reaches its minimum number of participants to be held, you may drop in with permission. 

Mat classes at Excel Pilates DC are graduated from beginning level classes through advanced. Each mat class level has a curriculum and is designed with specific goals.

The complete Pilates Method of Body Conditioning involves both apparatus and mat exercises. You can begin with either mat classes or apparatus sessions. It is common to combine both mat classes and apparatus sessions in your exercise program (see Apparatus/Equipment Sessions for more information).

Mat classes are the most affordable program we offer. In a group setting, you will learn exercises that you can practice at home, no equipment is necessary.

Pilates Mat, the foundation of The Pilates Method Of Body Conditioning, is a series of exercises integrating control, flexibility, strength, precision, breath, flow of movement and body awareness. No equipment is necessary.

Mat classes are limited to 4 to 9 people per class. Registration is required for each session. Registration is on a first come-first served basis. Classes must reach a minimum number of registrants to be held or they may be cancelled.  If minimum is reached, drop-ins are available with permission, at a drop-in rate. 

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This class is for the individual who is new to Pilates mat work or someone who may need exercise modifications.  This class will define and work on Pilates principles as well as prepare the student to enter the Beginning level class safely and confidently.  Intro to Pilates Mat Classes are held on Tuesday night, at 6:15pm.  Intro to Pilates Mat class is ongoing, you may start at any time.

Level 1

This class introduces the basic principles of Pilates breath, precision, centering, flow of movement, balance, and flexibility through a series of exercises performed on a mat. Attention is given to detail of the movement to provide each student with a foundation to build on in preparation for advancing levels. Modifications to exercises are also taught to accommodate a variety of skill levels. Beginning Mat Classes are held on Wednesday night at 6:15pm and Saturday morning at 9:30am.  Beginning Mat class is ongoing, you may begin at any time.

Level 2

This Mat class introduces a new level of exercises as well as increased intensity and range of motion. Students enrolling in this class should know all of the Beginning level exercises by name and be able to successfully execute The Hundred, Roll up and Rolling Like a Ball.  Advanced Beginning Mat Classes are held in 6-week sessions.  Pre-registration is required at the beginning of each new session.

Level 3

Progressing from Advanced Beginning, this class introduces an even higher level of exercises while continuing to strengthen and develop the previous learned Mat sequence. Registration for this class requires permission of an instructor.  Intermediate Mat Classes are held in 6-week sessions.  Pre-registration is required at the beginning of each new session.

Level 4

In this class the student will deepen their knowledge of all Pilates Mat exercises as well learn the highest level work. This class is physically demanding and invigorating. Students enrolling in this class must be able to perform all Intermediate level exercise with precision and clarity. Teacher permission required. Advanced Mat Classes are held in 6-week sessions.  Pre-registration is required at the beginning of each new session.

PLEASE NOTE: For Intro to Pilates Mat and Beginning Mat, no refunds or transfers for Mat classes 24 hours prior to start time. 

For higher level mat classes, registration and payment is final 7 days before the 6-week session begins. Registration is for 6 consecutive weeks of the series (1 class per week for 6 weeks). No refunds/transfers/cancellations. Make-ups are available if completed during the current session of an equal or lower level class. (Missed mat classes may NOT make up in an equipment class.)

Schedule is subject to change. Please call the studio at 202.269.3020 for the most current information.

  1. Please bring a pair of socks with you to mat class.

  2. If you are registering for Advanced Beginning Mat or a higher level, prior experience in Pilates Mat or permission of an instructor is required for registration.