What Can You Do? You Can Do Pilates!

2015 will mark my 20th year of teaching Pilates. This 20-year anniversary causes me to reflect on the beginning of my Pilates journey. 20 years later I am still teaching because I am INSPIRED by this body of work. Joseph Pilates spent a lifetime developing a system of exercise that is about being fit – physically, mentally and spiritually. I wanted to learn it and I wanted to teach it. My first teachers, Carol Baker Dodge and Romana Kysanowska, showed me that I could do things that I did not realize I could do. That was and is what I consider to be the beauty of Pilates. You can do it. I feel honored to have the opportunity to teach Pilates and I feel fortunate to still be a student of Pilates.

Untitled-1Pilates requires strength, but you build the strength by systematically exploring what to do to attain that strength. It has always been my perspective that it is never about what you can’t do, it should always be about you can do. It is about feeling empowered by experiencing your fullest potential in each exercise. As a teacher I have witnessed progress in so many ways, in so many different individuals. As a student of Pilates, I am excited by the many challenges ahead. As a student, I continue to experienced change and growth. There are exercises I can do now that I could not do when I was 10 years younger and see the potential for so much more. For those reasons, I also see the potential in my students.

Your Pilates journey is a dialogue between you and your teacher. The teacher will safely guide you to achieve your fullest potential. They will provide information about the Pilates work that applies to you, your needs, and your strengths. You are in charge of owning it. The Pilates method of exercise provides us with a plethora of ways to achieve our health and fitness goal. There is always more to do in Pilates, and that’s a wonderful thing

As you set your goals for 2015, I challenge you to ask yourself… What can I do? Ask yourself and your teacher… Can I do more? I believe there is always, in some way, 8B76BDB1-6C8B-473C-83DB-86C645241181a little more we can find in ourselves. I know I will, both as a student and a teacher of Pilates.

I am looking forward to 2015 and here’s to 20 more years.   I hope that 2015 brings you much health, happiness and Pilates.

See you at the studio,

Lesa McLaughlin